Welcome to Coffee Fundraiser


Coffee Fundraiser is an easy way for schools, clubs, charities, sporting teams, churches and other organisations, to generate funds by selling fresh roasted coffee and beans to your supporters. 

We know too well how hard it is to raise money these days. There’s a lot of competition and the cost of living is increasing, so people have less to give. The great news is that the coffee market is huge with more than 60% of Australians drinking coffee at home every day and with the rise in popularity of espresso coffee a lot of people are using fresh roasted coffee beans. We’re sure that many of your community and supporters are part of this group so why not sell them coffee they’ll love, with profits going back to your organisation.

Why Coffee Fundraiser is a great idea for your organsation?


We will set up a custom online store where your supporters can order fresh roasted coffee beans and your organisation gets a percentage of each sale to help with your fundraising efforts.

Other features and benefits include:

No startup fees or minimum orders.

Custom color labels with your organisation name / logo.

Coffee fresh roasted and sold as whole beans or ground to your liking. 

Make $9 for every Kg of coffee sold (based on our RRP).

Delivered to one location or supporters can order direct.

Dedicated fundraising specialist to help you.

Product can be stored at room temperature.

Product separated for each participant for easier distribution or we can ship direct.

About our coffee


We blend A-grade beans sourced directly from farms in South America and Africa. The final blend is then roasted in Brisbane just before we deliver it to your supporters. Our dark roast blend delivers a rich, full body taste with chocolaty notes over milk and decadent cocoa flavours when extracted as an espresso.

Our blend works well across all formats producing a quality coffee that has wide appeal, especially with coffee lovers.

We’ve set up a demonstration site so you can see Coffee Fundraiser in action.

We will set up a customised site, like this one, for your organisation.