Coffee Fundraiser is a great new fundraising option for schools in Australia.

We all know it’s getting harder and harder to raise money in Australia as so many not-for-profits compete for funds to help them achieve their fundraising goals. This is especially true for schools that often rely on different activities to purchase resources, sporting equipment and even fund school trips.

Coffee Fundraiser makes it easy and fun for schools to raise money by selling fresh coffee beans from an easy to promote and engage web-based platform. Schools who sign up to Coffee Fundraiser will have an order site built for them where parents and supporters can go online and buy school branded coffee beans and have them delivered at the end of the program for customers to collect.

Founder, Nick Vincent says that Coffee Fundraiser has been really well received by different groups trying to raise money. “Schools, sporting teams, charities and other not-for-profits love the fact that they only have to send out emails to their database promoting their order site and we do the rest.”

Schools make up to $8 per order, clear profit. There’s no need to organise a BBQ, get volunteers on board, commit to operational costs or overcome any other obstacles. “We are something new in the fundraising space with a product used daily by more than 60% of the population. Plus our premium blend coffee is freshly roasted right before we ship”, said Nick.

If you want to learn more or roll out a school fundraiser simply fill out the form at this link and Coffee Fundraiser will be in touch.