Coffee tasting and sales events can be a great way of launching your coffee fundraiser or host it as a one-off event to raise money for your next fundraising campaign. 

Here’s a brief outline to help you plan the event. 

1. Schedule your coffee event

Pick a date to hold your coffee event but make sure you give your supporters plenty of notice. You might like to run it as a stand-alone event or run in conjunction with a fete, fair, season launch, or open day. 

2. Plan on how you’re going to sample the coffee

You don’t need an espresso machine to sample the coffee, you can use French press (bodum) or drip filter. You can give away small samples or even sell the coffee to raise money. If you don’t want to brew the coffee then you could just sell the different size bags and take the profits. 

3. Order your coffee

Place an order with Coffee Fundraiser and send us your logo so we can get custom labels produced. Work out how much you’ll think you’ll sell at the event and make sure you order enough coffee. If you’re just launching an online fundraiser then having enough to sample and a few more bags should be plenty. We would like at least 4 weeks notice to make sure we can print the labels, bag the beans or grind them for you. 

4. Promote the event

Make sure you give enough notice so you can promote the event. Many club and school calendars are already pretty full so look for a gap, we suggest at least 6 weeks’ notice. Promote the event via social media, emails, and in newsletters. Tell supporters how it works, how much the coffee costs, and what you’re fundraising for.

5. Run the event

Get ready to make money! Get volunteers to help at the event and make sure everyone understands their role. If you’re serving coffee make sure you have the equipment, adequate and safe power, a fridge (or esky), cups, milk (full cream, skinny, soy, and almond), and sugar for customers.

If you’re not selling the coffee then put up posters, print flyers, and let them know all about the online fundraiser. A QR code with a link to the site for them to order is a great way of getting them engaged on the day.


If you want to purchase the coffee and sell it at your event then we will supply whole beans with custom labels at the following prices*:

250g  $11.75

500g  $19.50

1kg     $33.00

You can sell the coffee at whatever price you like but our RRP is $14, $24, $42 for each of the sizes. At these amounts, you will make $9 per kilogram. Better than a sausage sizzle.

*Minimum order of $100 for free shipping.

If you’re interested in hosting a coffee event, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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