School Fundraising



Coffee Fundraiser is a great way for your school to raise money for new projects or initiatives.

Our system makes it really easy to execute and our coffee will be loved by all of your supporters. 

Read below to see how it works then enter your details and download our Information Pack.

How does it work?


1. Sign Up your club, school, church or other organisation at our Registration Page

2. Choose the coffee sizes you want to sell, 250g, 500g or 1Kg. We suggest having all 3 sizes!

3. Decide on how long you want to run the program for (we suggest at least 6 weeks)

4. Upload your logo to include on your packaging.

5. We create custom order website with your branding. 

6. You send out the custom order page link, to your supporters.

7. We process the orders, take payments, label and pack.

8. We send you the coffee and you distribute it to your participants or we send direct to your supporters.

9. We send you a reconciliation and profits from the campaign.

How much money can YOUR SCHOOL MAKE?


Considering all you have to do is email out a link to your supporters then distribute their purchases you have the opportunity to raise a lot of money for very little effort.

We have 3 sizes of coffee beans available for your supporters, 250g, 500g, and 1kg.

*You can make $9 on every Kg sold –  $2.25 on 250g, $4.50 on 500g and $9 on 1Kg coffee bags.

We can include packaging, a custom label, and free freight (on orders over $200) to one point or your supporters can have it sent directly to them at their cost. 

*Margin is based on our RRP pricing . Of course, you can sell our coffee for whatever price you like but these prices are more than achievable because our coffee is excellent. smile